Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer time when the weather is hot!

Joy your Summer day off very soon I'm starting to being you new shows for the fall/winter seasons.

2011 Fall Random Wednesday
8/3 PCC Seachlight w/ Backwind
8/10 PCC Smoiler w/ Chopster
8/17 PCC Leadfoot w/ Pinpoint
8/24 PCC Icepick w/ Chainclaw
8/31 PCC Sledge w/ Throttler
9/7 (Moved)
9/14 (Moved)
9/21 (Moved)
9/28 (Moved)
10/5 (Moved)
10/12 RH Wave 1
10/19 RH Wave 2 & 3
10/26 RH Universe Waves
11/2 Bionicle Ga and Le-Metru Matoran
11/9 Bionicle Po and Ko-Metru Matoran
11/16 Bionicle Onu and Ta-Metru Matoran w/ Turaga Dume
11/22-Random Brithday
12/7 ?
12/14 MOC 03 version Rahiski Of Heat Vision

2011 Fall Reviews (still a wip for that)
8/6-7 DOTM Topspin and MU 35th Anni X-Men Wolverine
8/13-14 MU 35th Anni X-Men Cyclops and MU 35th Anni X-Men Storm
8/20-21 MU 35th Anni X-Men Thunderbird and MU 35th Anni X-Men Colossus
8/27-28 PCC Windback w/ Darkray and MU 35th Anni X-Men Nightcrawler
9/3-4 (Moved)
9/10-11 (Moved)
9/17-18 (Moved)
9/24-25 (Moved)
10/1-2 DOTM Crankcase and Bionicle Stars Piraka
10/8-9 Bionicle Barraki Pirdak and Animated Shockwave pt.2 Shockwave
10/15-16 Bionicle Skrall and Iron Man 2 Crimson Dynamo
10/22-23 Lego Minfigures Dracula and Universe Monsters Hunchback of Notre Dame Phushie
10/29-30 Bionicle Vahki Nuurahk and Bionicle Vahki Bordakh w/ Vahki Rorzakh
11/5-6 Toa Matau and Toa Nomaka Metru
11/13 Toa Onewa and Toa Nuju Metru
11/19-20 Toa Whenua and Toa Vamaka Metru
11/22-Brithday Review
12/3-4 ? and MOC Artakha
12/10-11 ? and MOC Toa Helryx
12/17-18 ? and ?

New Shows
Botdown Throwndown
8/15 WFC Optimus Prime vs Animated Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime
10/31 Movie Blackout vs Animated Blackout
11/21 Movie Jazz vs Animated Jazz
11/22 Birthday Battle
12/12 ROTF Jetfire vs Animated Jetfire
12/26 Animated Bumblebee vs Prime Bumblebee
12/27 Animated Arcee vs Prime Arcee
12/28 ROTF Starscream vs Prime Starscream
12/29 Movie Optimus Prime and Megatron vs Prime Optimus and Megatron

Good Cop,Bad Cop (Comedy Q and A show with G1 CHUG Prowl and Movie Barricade)
8/5 Question Part and 8/12 Answer Part
10/20 Question Part and 10/31 Answer Part
11/18 Question Part and 11/25 Answer Part
11/22 Birthday Q&A 
12/16 Question Part and 12/23 Answer Part

I hope that you like the new show and season 2 of the old show.

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