Friday, July 13, 2012

10 Facts about Grimlock!

                                       1.He form space!

                                        2.He can Transform into a SPACE T-REX!!!

                                       3.His nicknames are knows as "Big Grim" to "The King".      

                                        4.He hates Bugs, Construction Vehicles, & One-Eyed Purple Illogical Bots  

                                       5. He had The Shield of Fury!!!

                                       6.He likes Energon Sandviches


                                                               7.He First Appear in FOC/CA DS. (along with Swoop)

8.He's team The Dinobots where once called "The Lighting Strike Coalition".

9.He is getting a toy!

10.He is in The Hall of Fame! (Unlike Wheeljack who he "cheated" his way to getting in the Hall.)