Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year with a bang!

So another year has passed, and New Year had just begins. It's now 2011 so I'm happy to say for my channel on all the months of 2011. That I'm will do more reviews in the future.

Normal Reviews are on Saturday and Sunday until the Summer Break:
1/8-9:Animated Lugnut and Blitzwing
1/15-16:Animated Shockwave and Oil Slick
1/22-23:Animated Blackarachnia and Waspinator
2/12-13:ROTF Sideswipe (NEST GA One) and HFTD "Fury of Bonecrusher" set (Ironhide vs. Bonecrusher)
2/19-20:Universe 2.0 Vector Prime and Mini-Con Safeguard
4/2-3:Spider-Man 3 Black Costume Spider-Man and Venom
4/9-10:X2 Nightcrawler and X-Men Logan
4/16-17:Iron Man 2 Classic Iron Man and Hulk (2003) Hulk
4/30-5/1:Animated Swindle and Movie Swindle
5/7-8:Bionicle Mata Nui and Animated McLugnut (one that I open)
5/14-15:ROTF Beachcomber vs. Deadlift and Iron Man 2 Classic War Manchine

Month-Long Reviews are.
Prime Month: January 31- February 10
Seeker Month: March 1-31
Movie Month: June 1-30

Random Webnesdays
1/5:Cybertron Undermine
1/12:Universe 2.0 Cheetor
1/19:Cybertron Lugnutz
1/26:Animated Activators Grimlock
2/16:ROTF/HOFD Legneds Soundwave and Ravage
2/23:Marvel Legends The Thing
4/6:Marvel Legends Beast
4/13:ROTF Dune Runner
4/20:ROTF NEST Brawn
4/27:ROTF Legends Twins
5/4:Pcc Huffer
5/18:Pcc Rallybots

Fan Choice Reviews
At the end of the Month review you have to pick which two toys that you like to review I give the 2 choices that you want to know that I'm will review.

That is why I have plan.