Monday, July 13, 2015

Spiderus Reviews Transformers Generations Combiners Wars Drag Stripe

Today is Monday and here is the Review on Transformers Generations Combiners Wars Drag Stripe. The one who can be repaint into Mirage!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Reviews and other things COMING!!!!!

Hello it's been been a long time since my post on this blog,I got very,very good news starting tomorrow it's Maximal Elite Guard Week,You will had 2 new reviews from me,and also to thank all of you who stay in touch on the reviles of Blue Phantom,Issue 1 will be shown at a earlier day for this info go into AAC's Blog for details. Here are the upcoming reviews for This Week and In August:

7/27- Spiderus Reviews Transformers Generations Fall Of Cybertron Soundblaster w/ Buzzsaw

7/28- Spiderus Reviews Transformers Age Of Extinction Crosshairs

8/4- Spiderus Reviews Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Sky-Lynx

8/11- Spiderus Reviews Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Darksteel

8/18- Spiderus Movie Reviews Teenage Mutate Ninja Turtles (2014 Reboot)

8/25- Alt Modes Reviews Kre-O Mirco Chargers Defensor

Also Spiderus' Oilhouse of Horrors will be back on a Monstrous Way. ;)


Monday, March 18, 2013


God is Always by my side with the ups and downs. He always loves us all. If the ones who are bulling by someone else let God & Jesus knows that all the bad of the World is wrong, & Only Grace can save us all forms the wicked sins of Satan & his Demon Armies but only one stool them all is The Lord of Heaven and Earth is will us all. Ahem.   

Friday, July 13, 2012

10 Facts about Grimlock!

                                       1.He form space!

                                        2.He can Transform into a SPACE T-REX!!!

                                       3.His nicknames are knows as "Big Grim" to "The King".      

                                        4.He hates Bugs, Construction Vehicles, & One-Eyed Purple Illogical Bots  

                                       5. He had The Shield of Fury!!!

                                       6.He likes Energon Sandviches


                                                               7.He First Appear in FOC/CA DS. (along with Swoop)

8.He's team The Dinobots where once called "The Lighting Strike Coalition".

9.He is getting a toy!

10.He is in The Hall of Fame! (Unlike Wheeljack who he "cheated" his way to getting in the Hall.) 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Best of Best 2011: The Toy of Year Awards

It's about that time again for the Best of Best 2011: The Toy of Year Awards.  the Nomination Announcement is on November 15,2011, and The Winners for the three topics will going on to be part of the Toy of Year Topic. The winner of Toy of the Year will get their very own review on my Channel. Topic#1 will be on December 2nd,Topic#2 will be on December 9th,Topic#3 will be on December 16th, & The Final Topic will be on December 23nd (right before Christmas Eve.)        

Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer time when the weather is hot!

Joy your Summer day off very soon I'm starting to being you new shows for the fall/winter seasons.

2011 Fall Random Wednesday
8/3 PCC Seachlight w/ Backwind
8/10 PCC Smoiler w/ Chopster
8/17 PCC Leadfoot w/ Pinpoint
8/24 PCC Icepick w/ Chainclaw
8/31 PCC Sledge w/ Throttler
9/7 (Moved)
9/14 (Moved)
9/21 (Moved)
9/28 (Moved)
10/5 (Moved)
10/12 RH Wave 1
10/19 RH Wave 2 & 3
10/26 RH Universe Waves
11/2 Bionicle Ga and Le-Metru Matoran
11/9 Bionicle Po and Ko-Metru Matoran
11/16 Bionicle Onu and Ta-Metru Matoran w/ Turaga Dume
11/22-Random Brithday
12/7 ?
12/14 MOC 03 version Rahiski Of Heat Vision

2011 Fall Reviews (still a wip for that)
8/6-7 DOTM Topspin and MU 35th Anni X-Men Wolverine
8/13-14 MU 35th Anni X-Men Cyclops and MU 35th Anni X-Men Storm
8/20-21 MU 35th Anni X-Men Thunderbird and MU 35th Anni X-Men Colossus
8/27-28 PCC Windback w/ Darkray and MU 35th Anni X-Men Nightcrawler
9/3-4 (Moved)
9/10-11 (Moved)
9/17-18 (Moved)
9/24-25 (Moved)
10/1-2 DOTM Crankcase and Bionicle Stars Piraka
10/8-9 Bionicle Barraki Pirdak and Animated Shockwave pt.2 Shockwave
10/15-16 Bionicle Skrall and Iron Man 2 Crimson Dynamo
10/22-23 Lego Minfigures Dracula and Universe Monsters Hunchback of Notre Dame Phushie
10/29-30 Bionicle Vahki Nuurahk and Bionicle Vahki Bordakh w/ Vahki Rorzakh
11/5-6 Toa Matau and Toa Nomaka Metru
11/13 Toa Onewa and Toa Nuju Metru
11/19-20 Toa Whenua and Toa Vamaka Metru
11/22-Brithday Review
12/3-4 ? and MOC Artakha
12/10-11 ? and MOC Toa Helryx
12/17-18 ? and ?

New Shows
Botdown Throwndown
8/15 WFC Optimus Prime vs Animated Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime
10/31 Movie Blackout vs Animated Blackout
11/21 Movie Jazz vs Animated Jazz
11/22 Birthday Battle
12/12 ROTF Jetfire vs Animated Jetfire
12/26 Animated Bumblebee vs Prime Bumblebee
12/27 Animated Arcee vs Prime Arcee
12/28 ROTF Starscream vs Prime Starscream
12/29 Movie Optimus Prime and Megatron vs Prime Optimus and Megatron

Good Cop,Bad Cop (Comedy Q and A show with G1 CHUG Prowl and Movie Barricade)
8/5 Question Part and 8/12 Answer Part
10/20 Question Part and 10/31 Answer Part
11/18 Question Part and 11/25 Answer Part
11/22 Birthday Q&A 
12/16 Question Part and 12/23 Answer Part

I hope that you like the new show and season 2 of the old show.