Friday, July 24, 2009

The Attack is Coming!

Optimus,Ironhide,Infero,Powerglide,Wheelie,Arcee,Hot Rod,Springer,Jetfire,Leo Prime (good replacing for Primal),Galvatron,Megatron (BW),Ben,Gwen,Kevin, & More New Charathers to come!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Updates on Transformers/BEN 10, & upcoming stories.

Updates: The finale verison of the story with a The correctly spell, and it be on this blog bewere of it.There's aslo a Animated Cgi Produced of it that I can contat with Pete-on-Botcon put it on of The TFCC web site.


Transformers/BEN 10:Galvatron's Attack (aslo know as TF/B10 2)

Transformers: Dawn of the Terrorcons (The Only Movie based Storyline after Revenge of The Fallen)

Transformers:ReAnimated (aka Season 4)

Transformers (G1 universe storyline before TF/B10)

Transformers Legends:Grimlock

Transformers Legends:Starscream

Transformers Legends:Omega Supreme

Transformers Legends:Soundwave

Transformers Legends:Optimus Prime

Transformers Legends:Megatron

Transformers Legends:Ultra Magnus

Transformers Legends:The Fallen

Transformers Legends:Elita One

Transformers Legends Genesis:Slag

Transformers Legends Genesis:Rampage

Transformers Legends Genesis:Ironhide

Transformers Legends Genesis:Skywrap

Transformers Legends Prime's War:Ratchet

Transformers Legends Prime's War:Thundercracker

Transformers Legends Prime's War:Sunstreaker and Sideswipe

Transformers Legends Prime's War:Shockwave

Transformers Legends Future's Dawn:Arcee

Transformers Legends Future's Dawn:Hot Rod

Transformers Legends Future's Dawn:Spinger

Transformers Legends Future's Dawn:Wheelie