Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alt Modes,Hints, and Battles of Transformers/BEN 10.

I give some of spoilers of My Crossovers stroy.

Vehicle modes:

Optimus-Semi/Tank/Helicopper/Submaine/Boat/Constutiton Vechicle/Jet

Magnus-Car Carrer

Starscream-F15 Eagel

Bumblebee- Yellow Mini


Cliffjumper- Red Mini

Ironhide- GMC Van

Ratchet-Medic Van

Prowl-Police Volt

Silverstreak-Silver Volt

Smokescreem-Blue Volt


Hot Zone-Fire Truck

Groove-Police Motor Bike

Blades-Police Heli

Steetwize-Blue Police Car

Fist Aid-Green Medic Van



Air Raid-Bi plane










Moonracer-Motor Bike








Acid Storm-F15

Lighting Storm-F15

Hail Storm-F15


Bonecrusher-Fort lift



Scavenger-Steam Stove

Long Haul (Who I forget)-Dump Truck


Dead End-Car

Drag Stipe-F1 Racer


Wild Rider-Car


The Fallen-Tank

Vector Prime-Jet

Beast modes:

Optimus (Again)-Lion/Gorilla






Blackarachina-Black Widow




Big Horn-Bull


Buzzclaw-Stag Beetle


Hardshell-Scarabs Beetle

Cancer-King Crab




Oject modes:

Soundwave (and his Troops)-Tape Deck

Blaster (and his troops)-Boombox


Shockwave-Laser Pitol

City Modes:



Fort Max-city

Scroponok (again)-city





A "Medic" meets a "Old Man."

A "Decepticon Leader" fusion with anthor "Alien Leader" inside a "Big Plant Eater"

A "Redhead Female" face a "One Eye Decepticon."

A "Former Decepticon" vs. his "Former Troops."

Battles are very very very hardcore!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Autobots,Decepticons & Doomcons?

Today I bring you that I'm doing a crossover story with Transformers and anthor shows about the othe stuff. Here are lsit that I'm give too you of Transformers that in story.


1.G1 Optimus Prime (with a more alt modes that he never had before)

2.G1 Ultra Magnus

3.G1 Wheeljack

4.G1 Perpecton (who find a peice of Matrix had gone)

5.G1 Bumblebee

6.G1 Blaster

7.G1 Steeljaw

8.G1 Ramhorn

9.G1 Rewind

10.G1 Eject

11.G1 Grimlock

12.G1 Slag/Terrorsaur

13.G1 Swoop

14.G1 Sludge

15.G1 Snarl

16.G1 Starscream (Megatron fired him, and join the Autobots)

17.G1 Omega Supmere

18.G1 Fortess Maximus

19.G1 Metroplex

20.G1 Hot Spot/Zone

21.G1 Groove

22.G1 Blades

23.G1 Streetwize

24.G1 First Aid

25.G1 Defensor

26.G1 Silverbolt

27.G1 Fireflight

28.G1 Air Raid

29.G1 Sligshot/Airazor

30. G1 Skydive

31.G1 Superion

32.G1 Cliffjumper

33.G1 Ironhide

34.G1 Ratchet

35.G1 Prowl

36.G1 Silverstreak

37.G1 Smokescreem

38.G1 Cliffjumper

39.G1 Brawn

40.G1 Gears

41.G1 Huffer

42.G1 Pipes

43.G1 Hubcap

44.G1 Sideswipe

45.G1 Sunstreaker

46.G1 Elita One

47.G1 Chromia

48.G1 Moonracer

49.G1 Firestar

50.G1 Blackarachina (Who is a human most of the stroy)


1.G1 Megatron (with a Frank Miller design)

2.G1 Skywarp (The New leader of the Seekers)

3.G1 Thundercracker

4.G1 Ramjet

5.G1 Thrust

6.G1 Dirge

7.G1 Sunstrom

8.G1 Acid Strom

9.G1 Lighting Strom

10.G1 Hail Strom (who is female)

11.G1 Scrapper

12.G1 Mixmaster

13.G1 Bonecrusher

14.G1 Hook/Hightowler

15.G1 Scavenger

16.G1 Devastator

17.G1 Motormaster/Motormasta

18.G1 Dead End

19.G1 Wild Rider

20.G1 Breakdown/Brakedown

21.G1 Dragstip

22.G1 Menasor

23.G1 Razorclaw

24.G1 Rampage

25.G1 Headstong/Rhinox

26.G1 Divebomb

27.G1 Tantrum/Big Horn

28.G1 Bombshell/Hardshell

29.G1 Kickback

30.G1 Shrapnel/Buzzclaw

31.G1 Scorponok

32.G1 Trypticon

33.G1 Metrotitan

34.G1 Overlord

35.G1 Shockwave

36.G1 Soundwave

37.G1 Ravage

38.G1 Laserbeak

39.G1 Buzzsaw

40.G1 Rumble

41.G1 Frenzy

42.G1 Overkill

43.G1 Slugfest

45.G1 Beastbox

46.G1 Squawktalk

47.G1 Cancer

48.G1 Weirdwolf

49.G1 Skullcrusher

50.G1 Blitzwing (Who joins with a human)

Doomcons (YAH!)

1.The Fallen

2.Armada Cheethor

3.Armada Terrosaur

4.Armada Rhinox

5.Armada Airazor

6.G1 Cyclonus

7.G1 Scourge

8.Armada Sideways

9.BWII Thrustor

10.BWII Dirgegun

11.BWII MaxB

12.BWII Gigastorm

13.BWII Dark/Hellscream

Hunthers Club (Super Yah!)

1.Vector Prime

2.BW Patrat

3.G1 Bug Bite

4.G1 Bad Boy

5.G1 Treads

6.G1 Small Foot

7.G1 Road Ranger

8.G1 Pathfinder

9.BM Buzzsaw

10.Cybertron Backstop

11.Energon Landmine

12.G1 Kup

13.G1 Blurr



2.Junktions (Only Wreck-Gar have a speak role)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

A project in the making!

I start Making a set for Animated Optimus,Blackarachina,Starscream,Ultra Magnus,Ratchet,Grimlock,Jazz & Other Autobots/Decepticons. It have a watch for Optimus,a skirt for Blackarachina,a Energon Pizza for Jazz,a helmelt for Ultra Magnus,a belt for Prowl,a Body thought for Starscream,a crown for King Grimlock,a Sign for Sentinel & more add in to upcoming weeks.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Penguins vs. Tasmanias

Ok so their no penguins or tasmanias, but I have been seen people that I know some you jerks (not mean you Kickback) that I'm a bad dumb that speak stuff, but in real life I'm kind single person that hugs to everyone that I care to the must. Unlike some Peple that belived that Austim is threat the childen let save them,no Austim is a life charging evert of a child I have Austim for 16 years now, and some austim people are way older than child's age limet. Austim is aslo help me for due a singing gets better,my vioce acting is too & my drawing is aslo too you see austim is a saver for child threats like cancer, and stuff.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and Medics

Yesterday I got Univese Ratchet, he was good to own I miss out of Univese Ironhide so he is still good, but without the blue face of the Ironhide had. Ratchet aslo had that Prowl's "V" headlights.So the Members of TFW2005 the reason that I wasn't type lame spam jokes because I got Ban for the Fourth Time, and It means that Its never lefted so I can will be back with no spam at all.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A New Pespi Challenge!

I had taking my own version of The Pespi Challenge on Taste.

A-Coke = A flat taste that is real life.

B-Pespi= The Taste is great, but it's not great like "A".

C-Combied= The taste is best in both worlds with a fusion is good.

The Win is.......The Combied Form; yay If you mix the two together you will have a better taste,better of everything.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm Spiderus Prime, and I'm Part of Tfw2005, but I spam on they forum why that is just wrong for a first I'm post about Miley Cyrus singing "The Touch" they banned for one week I'm should edit it a joke.I'm aslo know as AutobotGrimlock because I like Grimlock,Soundwave,Waspinator & Rattrap.I'm aslo can draw Myshelf as Transformer,Animated verison of Bug Bite/Cy-kill (form Go-Bots frame),Airazor (She is a mixed of G1 Divebomb and BW Airazor),Her Sistor Chormia (Look G1) & Their Gesalt Powerlikes Combininer, MaxB. I'm also a fan of BIONICLE,TMNT,MARVEL,Ben 10 & other stuff that a Teenage Nerd like and love.A part of me is called the Animal side that mean that I can roar,bark,mewo & other Animal Sounds. Many members ask me if I do a newsletter, but no because I don't know how give news online it's now bad give somelse do a newsletter, but not mely thing I like to do is make a podcast with Gigasteam, and it called "TFWAVE" it's better hear me give news that just write news.I'm asloaybe geting a camcord so I'm can do Reveiws like Peaugh,Sean Long,Spada & Others can do reviews on good/bad thing for rate on the toy for buying the figure what it is great but all I'm like do see me do reveiw you can hear in perfiting good enlish than my typing because I'm don't how to spell some words that I know to speak with, but when I'm spell it hard to spell them form like of things that too hard for me with Austim.So it's a end to the blog so Funnformers well on Wednesdays at My Bebo Account so this is Spiderus Prime saying All tit all are Ten!