Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm Spiderus Prime, and I'm Part of Tfw2005, but I spam on they forum why that is just wrong for a first I'm post about Miley Cyrus singing "The Touch" they banned for one week I'm should edit it a joke.I'm aslo know as AutobotGrimlock because I like Grimlock,Soundwave,Waspinator & Rattrap.I'm aslo can draw Myshelf as Transformer,Animated verison of Bug Bite/Cy-kill (form Go-Bots frame),Airazor (She is a mixed of G1 Divebomb and BW Airazor),Her Sistor Chormia (Look G1) & Their Gesalt Powerlikes Combininer, MaxB. I'm also a fan of BIONICLE,TMNT,MARVEL,Ben 10 & other stuff that a Teenage Nerd like and love.A part of me is called the Animal side that mean that I can roar,bark,mewo & other Animal Sounds. Many members ask me if I do a newsletter, but no because I don't know how give news online it's now bad give somelse do a newsletter, but not mely thing I like to do is make a podcast with Gigasteam, and it called "TFWAVE" it's better hear me give news that just write news.I'm asloaybe geting a camcord so I'm can do Reveiws like Peaugh,Sean Long,Spada & Others can do reviews on good/bad thing for rate on the toy for buying the figure what it is great but all I'm like do see me do reveiw you can hear in perfiting good enlish than my typing because I'm don't how to spell some words that I know to speak with, but when I'm spell it hard to spell them form like of things that too hard for me with Austim.So it's a end to the blog so Funnformers well on Wednesdays at My Bebo Account so this is Spiderus Prime saying All tit all are Ten!

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