Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to Town

It's the night before big day)

Elf 1:Make away for BIG GUY IN RED!

(Santa coming form of his office to his sled)

Santa: HO! HO! HO! FIRST STOP MOSCOW,RUSSIA! Now on Dasher,on Dancer,on Prancer, on Vixen, on Comet,on Cupid,on Donder, & on Blizten dash away dash away dash a waaaaayyyyyy. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Head Elf:Bye Santa I hope you are safe.

(After his load is done he returns to the North Pole.)

Santa:Elves I have return,and it's another good Christmas Day. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Head Elf:Santa all those years of giving toys for good kids. Why you never tell us your story of how you become a icon?

Santa:Well I'm never told you about how I get here. (He turn his heads, and thinks) Ok I told you my life story. I was born in during The Black Death of 6th/7th centuries.

(Flashback to January 25th 1284)

Doctor:Okay Push.

(Santa's Mother is scaring in pain than come out is Santa.)

Server:Sir your wife gives birth to a heath baby boy.

The King:Did she give him a name?

Server:No sir we've not think of one.

(The King see the baby boy)

Queen:Oh look Joseph, he have your eyes.

King Joseph:No we've should call him Nicholas Santa Claus after your father.

Queen:But what about The Vikings they are gone to killed him.

King Joseph:We've should hide him in snow so he lives on his own as a Claus.

(The Server give the to out the Castle,and to the Snowbanks of English Side to hide him until a little big blue skin man with white clothes pick up the baby)

Winter:Aww someone lift their baby of the cold don't worry about baby I being you a new home.

(He left with Santa to the Kinger's house)

Mrs.Kinger:Old Man Winter Warlock how are you?

Winter:I fine Mrs.Kinger,but I need you to take good care of this baby. I find him in the snowbanks,and someone lift him for something I don't know about that please good care him if his father and mother are their looking for they baby boy give him back.

Mrs.Kinger:Ok I good care of the baby it been a long time since my children was born so thank you Old Man Winter Warlock.

Winter:Goodbye Mrs.Kinger I will be there in my workshop.

(Old Man Winter Warlock lefts)

Mrs.Kinger:I good to call you Kris.

(Santa:I lives with the Kingers for 12th years than on my 13th Birthday that was about to charge.)

Server:Hello are you Jane L. Kinger?

Mrs.Kinger:Yes who are you?

Server:I'm part of the King Joseph Claus' court to looking for the Prince Nicholas. Who been lost for 12th years form hiding him for the nemesis Vikiges of Norway.

Mrs.Kinger:I tell Kris about this.

Server:Ok ma is you son Kris a Prince?

Mrs.Kinger:No Old Man Winter Warlock never told me about this only he says to find him on the snowbanks.

Server:So your son was find by a someone that don't live in this world?

Mrs.Kinger:Ya He know when he going to be gone form us.

(Then Kris come with a lot of clothes,and stuff)

Kris:When my parents?

Server:Prince Nicholas your parents seeing you again.

Kris:I'm name isn't Nicholas,and I'm not a Prince.

Server:No your Kinger name is no longer in used. Your real name is Nicholas Santa Claus,son of King Joseph and Queen Lillian Claus.

Kris:So that my real name. (Look at Mrs.Kinger) Ok goodbye Mother Kinger.

Mrs.Kinger:Goodbye Kris I hope you will become king.

(He lift the Kinger House to the Holiday Castle in London)

Server:My Majuro we've find your son.

King Joseph:Find being him to me.

(The server open the door and the first time ever after 12th years of been gone they finally been reunited.)


King Joseph:My Son looks like you since we've left you.

Nicholas:Father today is my 13th birthday.

King Joseph:You are my only male held.

Nicholas:I'm be part of the army and stuff.

Queen Lillian:And yes remember when you are a young man wanting a young woman into your life.

Nicholas:When they never happen.

(Santa:I'm was so weird with this royal thing. I'm don't know about until days into months,months into years, & years into decades I lean about being a gentleman,and commander of the British/French War.)

Nicholas:Man we've are attack for they base in Paris.

Knight 1:Sir what about General Meisterburger's troops there are on the other side?

Nicholas:Don't worry about him. We've mush attack the French now.

Knight 2: On it sir.

Nicholas: Ok this is for London!


(Santa:My team attacked The French Army to pieces, and we've won the war. I'm return to the castle to find some news for the Messager.)

Messager:I'm sorry,but your father was killed by French Cannon at the Battle of Noel.

Nicholas:Thank you for the news,but this mean I become king of Britian,and I will have no more wars.

Messager:But no wars are mean that are rivals.

Nicholas:I don't know about. If there is a war during my reign then your will be happy now?

Messager:No sir.

Nicholas:Right on my good sir.

(To the thrown room)

Nicholas:General Burgermeister Meisterburger what is the news about are My Father's death?

Meisterburger:Well Nicholas he was fighting the Commander of the French Army than a cannon blast him,and he died. He last words are “Make my son king!”

Nicholas:So that was happing,but you was in Noel at the time of his death. Why are you saving his life,and you make your dead king fall into God's might hand of peace. So will not want any wars that I'm face because I'm don't need a death.

Meisterburger:But Nicholas it's my dewing about my king is what your needs. So you need to go to Scotland, or Ireland to be hide you life for anyone knows as a Prince of a Warrior King.

Nicholas:I'm not a Warrior King like my father,but I lived with toymakers for 12th years,and you think that I need to hide for everyone no.

(Santa:I leave the castle for My Sadness over my father's death. So I'm going Scottish Village in Scotland,than I'm around this place this very peaceful and merry. Everyone was happy and all until I meet Mrs.Claus at time was a Noble's daughter.)

Nicholas:Sir who was young woman.

Blacksmith:That is Mary Jefferson she is the daughter of George Jefferson.

Nicholas:I see. Is she marry?

Blacksmith:No I didn't see a ring on her finger.

Nicholas:Thank you kind Sword Maker.

(Nicholas walking to Mary.)

Nicholas:Hello, I'm Nicholas Claus.

Mary:Hello you too,I'm Mary Jefferson,and are you King Joseph's lost forget son?

Nicholas:Yes I'm,but he is dead.

Mary:Oh I'm so sorry about your lost.

Nicholas:My will become king,but I'm never talked to a lady before.

Mary:I'm never talked Prince going to become king. If you become king can I be Queen?

Nicholas:If you become Queen you need to be my wife in marriage,and lived with me.

Mary:This will be a start of a something that love can be.

Nicholas:My mother was right. I'm in loved. Mary, I love you.

Mary:I love you,too.

(Santa:Than after that thing, Mary packed her stuff,and moved with me. I'm was so happy that I finally in love with someone than I went to Russia to meet my mentor.)

Nicholas:Old Man Winter Warlock where are you?

Winter:I'm here Nick so was you want.

Nicholas:Winter I'm want a ring.

Winter:A Ring for what?

Nicholas:For my love I'm think we've are getting marry.

Winter:You getting merry? HA HA HA HA!

Nicholas:What so funny?

Winter:HA HA HA! Nick you and your miss need to after this king thing you to live at my workshop.

Nicholas:Your Workshop,but Old Man Winter Warlock I'm can't do that.

Winter:Nick please I'm only asked you one thing.

Nicholas:Find what is the thing.

Winter:Did you ever doing some given around Britain,France,Russia,Italy,Scotland, & Ireland.

Nicholas:No I'm didn't do that sir.

Winter:Well this is you time to become not just King, but a giver of joy,merry, & happiness.

Nicholas:Don't you of this as me? I'm will get capture.

Winter:No you are secretly no one knows as Britain King,but under a differing name like Father Christmas!

Nicholas:Father Christmas,but you mean that I going on Christmas itself?

Winter:No but on the night before you are going under a disguise so people don't know you?

Nicholas:I'm need disguise didn't means that I'm wore differ cloths on year after year?

Winter:Yes but please wore your old Kinger Hat,hide some hanger clip,a robe, & a sank.

Nicholas:What sank is full of?

Winter:Toys for the kids.

Nicholas:Toys for the children.

Winter:Yes you having to being them to the kids to world.

Nicholas:Ok I'm do your bidding.

(Than a elf walked by with a ring)

Old Elf:Here is the ring for you Mr.Warlock sir.

Winter:It's Winter,and thank you.

Nicholas:What is that?

Winter:It's a elf. They are than same spices of Leprechaun.

Nicholas:Are there will be my helpers?

Winter:Yes you and the miss live with elves,and here is your ring.

Nicholas:Thank You Old Man Winter Warlock.

Winter:I building a new place in The South Pole.

Nicholas:What so that why are went me to live here, Ha Ha Ha!

Winter:Are you need a better laugh about HO! HO! HO! Try it.

Nicholas:Ok (clearing the neck) HO! HO! HO!

Winter:That more like it.

(Santa:After my visit with Old Man Winter Warlock I'm return to London. Than I made a proposed to Mrs.Claus,and she said yes,than we've got marry on December 16,1417 before Christmas. We've on to are honeymoon to Israel see all ways to are God. than after we've return form honeymoon real work begins on December 24,1417.)

Nicholas:Mary how did I look?

Mary:Look like a real stranger. Are you know this that children don't know that someone is giving gifts on Christmas Day?

Nicholas:Mary I know this,and I will return on before everyone work up.

Mary:Ok good bye Nicholas.

Nicholas:Good bye Mary.
(Santa:My first night was not as easy like others. I'm slowly open doors, and give gifts to kids to like the them never know. I'm ride on the night on my horse to town after town than I return to the castle,and I sleep hours until Christmas Day arrivals.)

Nicholas:Merry Christmas,Mary.

Mary:Merry Christmas,Nicholas.

Meisterburger:My King something wrong with in village?

Nicholas:What is it General Meisterburger?

Meisterburger:There are toys for their children,and the rest of Europe got the same thing.

Nicholas:Now Burgermeister that all that he does giving toys for good children.

Meisterburger:Who is he?

Nicholas:Well he is Father Christmas,the giver of joy. That something that is good he gives gifts for good little children.

Meisterburger:Have yourself a Unmerry Christmas too you,King.

(He walked out the bedroom, and into a secret hideout in the castle)

Meisterburger:Gentlemen I'm so mad over this Father Christmas. Whatever that he is find him,and took him to me.

Guardsman 1:But sir if this Father Christmas could be one of King Nicholas' court?

Meisterburger:No it can be that never be them,or it he really none,but a myth.

Guardsman 2:Sir we've might find him,or anyone that no knows who he is.

Meisterburger:I'm really want to know about him. So Next Year's Christmas search for him on the night before.

(In the Dinner room)

Nicholas:Hello sir,and Merry Christmas.

Nobleman 1:Merry Christmas,you are ya too.

Nicholas:Mary this is really looks like a real Holiday party that I will gives a toast to all.

Mary:Well Nicholas you are king,and you can did it now.

Nicholas:Thank You,Mary your always my Mother Christmas.

Mary:And too always my Father Christmas that no knows about it.

(Nicholas rise a glass)

Nicholas:Everyone thank you all to here on this wonderful Christmas Day,and I give a toast to Father Christmas who gives all gifts for your children to played.


Meisterburger:To Father Christmas,the man that I will find out who really are you?

(Santa:In the next 4 Christmases I give more gifts than I never was.)

Nicholas:Old Man Winter Warlock.


Nicholas:Did you got the list?

Winter:Yes and here it is.

(Santa:I'm checked list twice who ever was Naughty or Nice. I hide though night so Meisterburger,and his men can't find me. I was unseeing until the day I think could end of my life as Giver.)

Guardsman 1:Sir I'm can't find him in where we've been. We've can't not find him.

Meisterburger:Shh...I you hear that?

Guardsman 1:Yes Sir I hear it too.

Meisterburger:That sounds like horse is running. So he is here attack him now.

(Nicholas saw the Guardsmen and Meisterburger)

Nicholas:Oh my god.

Meisterburger:You are so smart now Father Christmas.

Nicholas:Ya you never catch me Meisterburger!

Meisterburger:After him!

(Santa: The Guardsmen were chase me. I'm never know they will find me,and so me and my horse was ridding though night away form them until my horse was shot by a arrow.)

Nicholas:No I'm keep away for you.

(Santa:I runs for my left,and hide to a tree than this is where I got my reindeer.)

Winter:Aboard to The Sled full of Reindeer!

Nicholas:Old Man Winter Warlock wow this is what needing.

Winter:Hop in before you will get capture.

(Nicholas hop in the sled)

Nicholas:So how to ride this thing.

Winter:It simple you just say their names.

Nicholas:Really what are their names?

Guardsman 3:Sir I can hear him.

Winter:Ok on Dasher,on Dancer,on Prancer,on Vixen, on Comet,on Cupid,on Donner, & on Blizten dash away dash away dash away.

(the reindeer are start to fly)

Guardsman 2:Sir look.

Meisterburger:He getting away on flying thing?

Nicholas:Sorry Meisterburger, but you will never know who I'm. HO! HO! HO!

Meisterburger:We've mush go back to Holiday Castle now so I will find out who really is.

(After the load Winter lands on his sled to The Castle.)

Nicholas:Thank you for saved my life.

Winter:It's none,but Nick you need something so I give you some magic.

(than he have use magic on Nicholas to be magical that he can be.)

Nicholas:Thank You for that.

Winter:I hope that guy will never find out the who you are.

Nicholas:Ok I'm still think about if the reign is over I and my wife will live at your workshop.

Winter:Ok bye Nick,and If used your magic for good.

(Than Winter back on his sled,and leaves)

Nicholas:Mary, I'm home.

(Army of Guardsmen with swords attack him.)

Meisterburger:Well Father Christmas I don't know that you so smart to get away for me now.

Nicholas:Burgermeister Meisterburger you traitor why you did this to me.

Meisterburger:Wait I want to know who are you.

(Meisterburger unmasked Nicholas,and shocked.)

Meisterburger:Well it's that Father Christmas is none other than King Nicholas Claus.

Nicholas:A right you find me you know that I'm,but what you did with me.

Meisterburger:Well Nicholas I'm gone do the same thing that your father did before die.

Nicholas:But my father was killed by a French Cannon.

Meisterburger:No He isn't I kill him with help by a French Nobleman to rid of him because his reign as king may my so envy about it. I want to be king,but you come along and ruining my days to king. So I kill him with a sword blow than my helper used the cannon,and blast him to killed him for that I think that it's king that well be king. No you become king,and got marry.

Nicholas:You monster how in the world you did that to my father.


Nicholas:Mary run for life,and get some help,please.

(She ran for her life to find the woods)

Mary:Did someone help Nicholas is caped by General Meisterburger and his Guardsmen.

Winter:Nick got caped?

Mary:Who are you,and how you knows Nicholas?

Winter:You are the mistress that Nick talk about,and I'm Old Man Winter Warlock. You should meet my little friends.

Mary:That so cute.

Old Elf:Here lady we've not cute. We've are elves,and we've gonging saved your husband okay.

Mary:Ok to the Castle.

Winter:All right Elves we've are saved Nick for Meisterbargle Banztimeister,or it's Hamburgler?

Mary:No it's Burgermeister Meisterburger.

Winter:Got get so Elves let's us got us are sled ride.

(Everyone was jump on the sled to The Castle what Nicholas was wait for his untimely death)

Meisterburger:So this for be your last day as a king after I will be king,and I will burn those toys and ruining children's lives forever.

Nicholas:All this years I never know that you hate my family.

Meisterburger:Now guardsmen this is a way to kill your king.

(He whipped out his sword)

Meisterburger:Long Live the King and Father Christmas himself.

(He was swing to aid at Nicholas' head, and than)

Old Mob Elf:Hey you with the sword free Nick out of your stupid little troops,or we've beat you with snowballs.

Meisterburger:Aww that so cute,and Guards get rid this children if you do.

Old Mob Elf:Hey we've aren't kids we've elves.

(The Elves shot Snowballs out form their Snowball Guns)

Old Mob Elf:And no one never faces us Elves.

Nicholas:Thank you,sirs.

Old Mob Elf:Hey Nicky it's all right,but that guy have escape you need fight back.

Nicholas:You right I'm mush defeated that snake Burgermeister at one and for all.

(Santa:I was looking for Meisterburger he was everywhere than he jumped to attack.)

(They Sword fighting around the Castle)

Nicholas:You think that you wanting to be king?

Meisterburger:But,Nicholas I'm never going to kill you it's just joked.

Nicholas:This is no joke I should done this long around.

(Nicholas sades Meisterburger into his gut,and kills him)

Nicholas:Welcome to Satan's Kingdom your sinful man.

(Than he walked back to the thrown room,and sees Mary,The Elves,The Knights, & Old Man Winter Warlock)

Nicholas:Knights my reign is over now is only the Bishop of Britain can crowned one of you men as king.

Knight 4:Sir what are you so soon?

Nicholas:I'm going to a place that me, and my wife will live forever.

(Fastford to December 24,2010)

Mrs.Claus:Are you ready a to go on your trip around the world.

Santa:You are correct. HO HO HO!
Head Elf:Ok Santa here is your sled.

Santa:Oh right I coming you those good boys and girls.

(Santa was on the sled,and leave)

Santa:You better watch out. You better not cry. Better not pout. I'm telling you why. I'm coming to Town. I'm making a list,and checking it twice; Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice. I'm coming to Town. I'm see you when you're sleeping. I'm knows when you're awake. I'm know if you're been bad or good. So be good for goodness sake! O! You better watch out. You better not cry. Better not pout. I'm telling you why. I'm coming to Town. I'm coming to Town. HO! HO! HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS,AND ALL A GOOD NIGHT!


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