Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Man...That is Betrayed of his Sandwitch that his love.

Okay it's isn't HA Mudflap with Simmons and "Arcee". I'm talking about My Computer have the videos,but I need a USB to having all of my things. Like my videos for the Youtube,The Pictures for the Majhost/Brickshelf, and Flickr. So I also thinking about doing "pictures Reviews" for this blog like in categories like Animated/Red,Movie/Silver,G1/Gold,BW/Yellow,RID/Blue,AEC/Gray, & Prime/Green. I also make doing a Dinobot story for Beast Wars' 15th Anniversary about Dinobot's past,and how he hating Megatron also becoming a warrior. My show of the some site that I don't remember I will make need a co-star for it, but anything to do if my computer is fix,or not I'm waiting to do it. I'm still doing the reviews of Some stuffs I have,and some that I don't have. So that is wrap up thanks again for reading this blog,and next blog is the first picture review of PCC Huffer with Video Review this is Spiderus Prime,and I going say Tit all are ten.

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