Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Transformers/BEN 10

A Long time ago there a Plant that rage in war by 2 Robot Warriors called Autobots and Decepticons, but The Decepticons are want power to rule Cybertron, and destroy The Autobot Leader Optimus Prime.Optimus is a Noble born leader to lead a army of Autobots he also got he second-in-arms Jazz, but Optimus has a Rival of The Decepticon Leader Megatron.Who want power and killed all Primes that in his way.Both Autobots and Decepticons are crashing into the plant Earth from 4000 years later in the year 2003 a UFO aslo crash and bring waves to the A.R.K. that rewaking The Autobots and Decepticons with New alt modes, but all things are lost Megatron and the Decepticons are leaving the A.R.K. to look from there ship The N.E.M.E.S.E. , and The Autobots don't know how the UFO crashing into earth this bring us into are in the year 2008 when Optimus and The Autobots meets some Humans that have powers of they own.
“Optimus how we can't stole the mystery about that UFO crash site in 2003.”,say Jazz, but Optimus say, “Jazz I know that is Nightbeat's job, but we don't what it have.” Jazz looks at Prime think things dont going well he says, “Optimus what about humans they don't know about us?” Optimus aswer, “Only Freedom is right for All sentinel bring, and Jazz I going to the crash site that I find something tell of Autobots.” Optimus transform into a Semi, and dive off,by a castle The Decepticons are walking by untit Starscream says, “Megatron how we are been win the war when I take over as leader of the Decep....” Megatron turns around at Starscream and say, “Starscream, I have enough of your new leader speeches, and your fired!” Starscream say, “fired? You what?” Megatron says, “For try to become the leader of The Decepticons, that always make me sick.” Starscream say, “Who the new leader of the Seekers?” Megatron aswer and said, “Skywarp.” so after that Starscream walk away never seen again Megatron say to The Sunticon Leader and said, “Motormaster looks it Prime going, and play with him.” Motormaster said, “Ok I will.” he aslo transform into a Black Semi, and follow Megatron's instructions, and head out on the road optimus saw and say, “Motormasta why are doing here?” Motormaster say, “Get out of the road old timer I'm King of Road!” Optimus said, “The Only King is Grimlock!” Motormaster said, “That dumb Dinobrat?” both transform into robot modes than The Matrix grows inside Prime's crest.Optimus said, “The....Matrix.....is....glowing.....form....unknow.....reasons.” Motormaster say, “Screw it I'm leaving.” after Motormaster leavings The Matrix brings to blow the blue turns into green, and The Autobots hear the blast come from the ship,they saw the green bang Ultra Magnus calls Prime and said, “Optimus? Optimus? ORION!” Magnus is shocking saw the blast is out Ultra Magnus said, “Dinobots let's going, and Optimus his hurt I think.” Magnus and The Dinobots head out to save Optimus.a hour later Starscream said, “What was that?” he turn at car and he said, “Maybe those are one that cause the blast.” he saw Ultra Magnus,Grimlock,Swoop,Snarl,Slag & Sludge pass to pick up Optimus. Magnus said to The Dinobots, “Very slowing to put Prime up.” they want to going back on A.R.K. to be smart Starscream said, “Hmmmm maybe I should be a Autobot afterlong.” he transforms into a F-15 Eagel and fly off. At the A.R.K. the Autobot scientists Wheeljack and Perceptor are wonding how Optimus get in the messed in the first place, but Autobot Musician Blaster said, “Yo Wheels and Percep do you how to figure it out?” Perceptor says, “On the day when I'm built it chouldn't been know, but we don't have the aswers.” Magnus said to Wheeljack, “Poor Orion.” Wheeljack said , “I know Magnus that Optimus will be alright.” Magnus said to the mad scientist, “Wheeljack I know about Optimus since the day that we built by Aphta Trion.” later on Blaster is walking and transform into a Beatbox inside a car. Blaster said, “Who are you,you & you dudette?” then a 15-year-old boy said,”Who said that?”
“I didn't say anything,Ben.” said Ben's cousin as she turn out of the window, but Ben said, “Look Gwen I know that isn't you that said it.” Gwen said, “Maybe it you,Kevin that said it.” Kevin said, “It not me it's that boombox.” Blaster being to play some soft 80's music to softing down ,and Blaster bring sings, “Every Rose has it's thore.” Ben turn off Blaster's singing than for waves Soundwave here it and say, “Soundwave:SUPERIOR, Blaster:INFERIOR!” He send one of his and said, “Laserbeak:Eject Operation:Search and Find!” So he orders of he's master say the cordor fly off to be following Kevin's Car as it going to Ben's house for see what is this boombox is so they stop byb Ben's Home for Info what is the unknow boombox is, and Ben said, “I'm wonder why that is on cassette door?” Blaster said to Ben, “What that is a Faction insiga what I'm from,dude.” Gwen said, “Your part of the red team?” Blaster said, “Well more then meets eye with perry almost ALL colors,girl.”as of them going inside Laserbeak is aready inside Ben's room behiding the nightstand as them walking into the room Blaster ejects one of he's troops and said, “Steeljaw get the bird out of he's room.” Steeljaw roars at Laserbeak so the cordor is out of Ben's room and Gwen said, “Let me guess that bird is part the Purple team?” Blaster said, “He part of a Evil faction that get power, all of you don't must about them.” Wheeljack and Perceptor are looking for Blaster when they find a High School so Perceptor transfrom into a Micro Scoope and said, “I be here waiting.” Wheeljack said, “Percepton,slag it you can't be lazy for looking one of are own, and are leader hurt.” Perceptor said to Wheeljack, “Wheeljack, I'm got the Dinobots so they are hiding for good reasons.” So Wheeljack walking away and transforms into a car. The next day Soundwave is waiting for Blaster, and He,The Predacons, & Insecticons are there so his attack may it happing Ben,Gwen, & Kevin with the Boombox than Soundwave and all of them attack and boombox jump out Ben's hand, and transform into Blaster and said, “Yay I know what my.” Perceptor aslo transfrom into robot mode and said, “Well we've got these guys.” Out of the bruchs come out the Dinobots and they transform into their robot modes, Grimlock said, “Me Grimlock destroyed Bug Boys and Lord Kittykat!” Razorclaw said, “Lord Kittykat what are you sparking?” than Grimlock whip out his sword,Swoop aslo whip out his mace,Slag got he's club,Sludge also got his staff, & Snarl bring out his nunchuks so they start to fight, but Ben,Gwen, & Kevin run out of school they be all right at a constrution site they see constrution vehicles, and Ben said, “Good things we save.”, but the constrution vechines turn into robots, and Mixmaster said, “Well,well,well look we got here here here?” Scrapper said, “It's the humans that defeated Megatron's Alien friends.” Ben said, “Alien Friends?” they was shock that they still and Ben said, “Oh hey long time no see!” “DNAliens and Evil Faction are working togeter?”Gwen said, So they run, and The Construticons chase them out to street of the city and Scrapper said, “Construticons, Transform!” so they transfrom Scrapper said again, “Transform again.” so they combie into a Gaint Green Robot and he said, “Repair to face your ultmate doom human if face me DEVASTATOR!” so Gwen used her magic and none happing and Devastator said, “Your magic can't face my brute strong, female.” so he kicked Gwen and Kevin used all of his elven form and also non happing and Devastator said again, “Not even your forms can't beat me too.” he too got kicked Ben used the Omnitrix and it work stop working on Ben so Devastator said, “That leave you so said hello to The Punch Of that Kills Everything!” Ben try to used it, but still none happen and than it glows at The A.R.K. The Matrix aslo Grows and used Optimus to trans into a Semi togo to the city, but fast Devastator's punch down on Ben than Optimus is hold Devastator's fist by his strong Devastator said, “Optimus Prime, no how is be?” Optimus said, “It's like you punch youshelf.” Prime thown Devastator's fist into he's head and Devastator falls into the Construsticons and Scrapper said, “Decepticons, reteated!” so they reteated, and Another Autobots are shocked what Prime isn't hurt.
Optimus looks at the Autobots and said, “What you guys looking?” Grimlock said to Prime, “You Optimus are looking like having wings on your back?” Optimus says to The Autobots, “Wings? Grimlock did you said wings?” Grimlock say, “Me Grimlock knows about your wings Prime.” Percepton said, “Maybe it's something due with the blast.” “The Blast?” said Prime as he looks at Gwen and Kevin who are hurt Optimus say to Perceptor, “Perceptor called Ratchet and First Aid to take these humans to are base.” Perceptor said, “Ok Prime I will.” So Perceptor calls Ratchet and First Aid, and he said to them, “Ratchet and First Aid, This is Perceptor, Optimus told me that a young male and female are hurt, and you go to base now.” Ratchet said Percepton, “Ok we've on the way with Prowl.” So they transfrom into Medic Vans and Police Cars and on way than Optimus look at Blaster say, “Blaster tell who are those humans?” Blaster say to Prime, “Well that girl named is Gwen, and that guy name is Kevin ther anothor name...” Ben said, “My Name Ben.” Optimus look down at Ben and said, “Ben Who?” Ben said to Prime, “Ben Tennyson aslo know as Ben 10.” Prime said, “I'm Optimus Prime, Leader of The Autobots.” Ben said to Prime, “So That name of Good Red Faction, what name for the Evil Purple Faction?” Optimus aswer, “Those are the Decepticons lead by Megatron.” Then Starscream is here at The Autobots and said, “Megatron? Megatron? You mean the fool that fired me last night that Megatron?” Optimus say to Starscream, “You can join Autobots if you like?” Starscream said to Prime, “Ok I join.” Ben said to Starscream, “Now you did like Kevin did last year.” Than Ratchet, Prowl, & The Protectobots are come to The Autobots' aid, and put up Gwen and Kevin on Ratchet and First Aid. Optimus said to Ben, “Well Ben we've got to moving now.” Ben said to Prime, “Great for what?” Optimus said, “Autobots, transform and roll out!” All the Autobots transform into their Alt Modes and going out to the A.R.K. for some Medic check-up.Later at Decepticon Cities of Trypicon,Scorponox,Metrotitan & Overlord form be Megatron is waiting for Soundwave, and others their here and Megatron said to them, “Soundwave what happen I wonder where you are?” Soundwave say to Megatron, “Well Megatron we've was fighting aginst Blaster,Steeljaw,Ramhorn,Rewind,Eject,Perceptor, & Dinobots than these Humans ran of there lives than the Construsticons combie into Devastator,two of them fail one was saved by Optimus Prime in a new colors, wing, & blades.” Megatron say in maddness, “Optimus Prime in New Colors? Hmmmmm who you think of these My best Friend?” Than a Purple Alien says to Megatron, “Maybe he and Ben have something did will path.” Megatron said, “Path of Unicron!” The Purple Alien saids, “The Path of Unicron? Not Unicron! He eats Gobotron, and some live.” Megatron said, “Well you unknow that Unicron's Prime Minions is The Fallen, and The Doomcons!” At the A.R.K. Optimus gets a called form the Junkion Leader Wreck-Gar than Prime said to Wreck-gar, “Wreck-Gar is Unicron's coming to Earth?” Wreck-Gar said, “Well Optimus it's easy bring green,and all are Junkiton 3000 we've can't find Unicron.” Optimus say, “That good Wreck so I called you later, Byb.” Wreck-Gar say, “Thank You come again,Mr.Simpson!” Optimus walking by, and Ratchet say, “Prime I find none on Gwendoyle and Kevin.” Optimus said, “Well at lease Project:New Life is in Earth.” Ratchet say to Prime, “Project:New Life? You mean the project that Vector Prime and Quintessons made 10000 years." Optimus say, “I have to tell Ben about Project:New Life maybe He, and he's cousin are part of them.” So Prime going to tell than he hear Primus say, “2 HERIOES WILL DEFEATED THE DARKNESS OF THEIR LIGHTNESS IN FALL ON THE LEADER OF TERRORS INTO THE GATES OF PIT OF GREEN.” Ben said to Prime, “Optimus? Are you find?” Optimus says to Ben, “Ben I have to tell you about a Project that haping 10000 years agos.” Ben say, “Oh I'm get Gwen and Kevin out of bed from going to my Grandfather and Grandmother's house.” Optimus said to Ben, “Why you going to your Grandpatners' house?” Ben said to Prime, “Well my Grandmother is a Alien so that why.” Optimus say to Ben, “Ben your grandmother is Part Cybertronian and Part Quintesson.” Ben said, “What? You mean that me, and Gwen are part Robotic and part Organic?” Prime said, “Yes you are.” Ben says to Prime, “Why, this happing?” Optimus aid, “Because Vector Prime went Quintesta to talk with the Quintessons, they lake the idea, so Vector and a Quintesson Scientist made the first out a piece of Vector's Leg and a Quintesson's tentacle to be called Project:New Life, and they live in a Planet next to Cybertron itshelf.” Than Ben went to Autobots Medic Room, and waiting for Gwen and Kevin to wake up than Groove said, “Hey teen I held that your part of Cybertronian, and what alt modes?” ben said, “My is turn into Aliens.” so Ben used Omnitrix on himshelf, but Optimus transform into a Tank,Copper,Submaine,Boat,Constrution Vehicle,Lion & Gorilla before he transform back to Robot Mode and say, “What is going on?” Wheeljack say to Prime,“Maybe you gain new 4 vechicle and 2 beast modes for the blast.” Than Gwen and Kevin woke up, and Gwen said to Ben, “Ben were are we've?” Ratchet said, “Well you in Autobot Rescue Kareness Ship also as The A.R.K.” Ben said to Gwen and Kevin, “Gwen, Kevin guess what.” Gwen say, “What Ben?” Ben say, “We've part Cybertronian and Part Quintesson.” Gwen said, “Hey I think that We've Part Human and Part Alien.” Ben said, “Well are Grandmother is.” So Gwen get up out the bed, and walking Kevin say, “Were my car,man?” Sunstreaker said, “Who needs a car that transform like me.” Gwen say, “Maybe we've a better way.” Than Starscream said to Ben,Gwen, & Kevin, “Hey one of you humans can ride me a Ex-Decepeticon.” Kevin said to Starscream, “I going will Jetdude, and what a Decepticon?” Grimlock said to Gwen and Kevin, “The Evil Purple Faction.” Ben say, “Well he is a T-rex!” Grimlock said to Ben, “Me Grimlock want you to read Cats in Hats.” So Ratchet says , “Grimlock you know that not how tell these humans.” Optimus shows up and say, “Ben,Gwen,Kevin you mush be in your Grandpatners house.” Ben says to Prime, “Optimus it's all right no one knows their a Gaint Transforming Robot.” Optimus say to Ben, “They don't know about us beside that.” So they leave the base, and headout to the grandpatners' house with Ratchet,Jazz,Sunstreaker,Sideswipe, & even Optimus went as well than at The Grandparents' house they see Ben's Parents, and the Autobot hid behide a some woodling Optimus say to Ben, “Who are those humans?” Ben say to Prime, “That my Mom and Dad.” Sideswipe say, “Well at least there no Decepticons here.” Ben,Gwen, & Kevin door the Autobot's car doors, and walk out of woods there Ben's Mom said, “Ben, why you, your cousin, & your friend are walking out of the Forst?” Ben said to he's mom, “Well mom long story short.” So Ben tells the story they went inside to had dinner. After they dinner they hear a large boom outside from the house they see a Silver/Black Tank blasting out of woodling, and said, “Where are you?” tank slow gone, and transform into Megatron he see Jazz and said, “Come here, creed fool.” Jazz said to The Decepticon Leader, “You want a piece of me?” Megatron say in evil smile, “No I want two oww.” as Optimus punching Megatron and said, “I save you, Jazz.” Megatron said, “Prime, what to you ? Soundwave is right you do have new colors.” Optimus said, “Megatron you will never stop in these form that I have.” Megatron was scared to hear about Prime's New Alt Modes that he said to Prime, “So you are more powerful than me huh, Optimus?” So Ben,Gwen, & Kevin ran in the woods to stop the Decepticon Leader. They saw Megatron, and that Gwen used her magic to a direct hit on Megatron's leg, and he said, “Ow who hit that?” Optimus say to Megatron, “Poor Megs you hit by a wizard or witch.” Megatron said to Prime, “Do you did that?” Gwen used more magic this on Megs' helmet and it fell down on ground to see Megatron's Hair. Optimus begins to laugh Megatron say, “Why! Why! Why!” So Megatron fly away than that on Optimus said to Gwen, “Good Job making Megatron look like a Sharkicon's skids.” But in a Plant Eater slowing coming to Earth, and said, “Fallen?” The Fallen had arrvel in flames and chanes that he was capted for he's betrayed, and said to he's master, “Unicron I will get The Matrix for you.” Unicron said to The Fallen, “Take the Doomcons to Earth for steal The Matrix of Leadership, and The Omnitrix as well.” Fallen said, “Yes, My Lord Unicron I've will.” At Cybertron Primus say in a dark room, “Vector Prime, Rewaking!” Rised of The Well of Allsparks come Vector Prime after years being dead from anthor universe he said to Primus, “Yes my father what is it you been search for?” Primus said, “Vector, Your Brother The Fallen, and Unicron are coming to Earth to get the Matrix and a watch-like thing out of a human's wrist.” Vector said, “Hmmmm To be well I'm going to tell Optimus about The Fallen One, and Chaos Breaker are going to the Planet Earth of The Milkey Way.” So Vector Prime transform into a Cybertronian Jet, and said, “Don't wonder Father I've will have The Hunter's Club on my side to stop The Doomcons once, and for all.” Back on Earth, Optimus calls Wreck-Gar again, and said, “Wreck what the news this time?” Wreck-Gar said, “Unicron is Coming! Unicron is Coming! I'm think I'm going to eat raw dead fish's heads.” Optimus say, “What Unicron coming? All my Slag, no.” Starscream say to Prime, “Optimus there something wrong here?” Optimus said, “No Screamer there wrong here than a Planet Eater is Coming!” “What?” said Starscream by his disbelouved that Unicron is coming to Earth than in The Autobot Scientists' Lab they are looking both at The Matrix, and Omnitrix is how both are fusion togeter Perceptor say, “I'm chould find out why both objects glow.” So he find that the Matrix got a missed piece, and he said, “I'm got it the Matrix had a missed piece that is form The Sentinel Prime Era!” Wheeljack said, “Great the mystery is stole, but is don't give out aswers like how is the world the Matrix had a missed piece.” Perceptor say, “You see that the Omnitrix had the missed piece of The Matrix so that both overglow into a blasting blow to give Optimus ten alt modes , and made Ben to used them anytime untit we go back to Cybertron.” Than The Fallen lands to Earth he see none, but some dirt he said to Cyclonus, “My warror did you see this planet had?” he see aslo see none, and said to The Fallen, “No sir I'm don't see Optimus Prime, and Megatron anywere on this redneck planet.” The Fallen say, “You right this is a redneck planet there no one here that we know of.” He turn around, and sees Vector Prime on he way on A.R.K. The Fallen said, “Vector Prime, Long time no see Brother! Bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha!” Vector to tell Optimus, and he said, “Optimus I'm going to tell you.” Optimus said, “I know Unicron is coming.” Vector say, “What?!? Who told you that.” Optimus said, “The Junkion Leader, Wreck-Gar.” Vector tell s Optimus the real story after that he said, “So The Fallen is here in Earth this mean that I'm Optimus Prime will bring Ben,Gwen, Kevin,Grimlock,Swoop,& Ratchet.” Vector say, “Hurry Hurry Is no time go Cybertron they need you.” So Optimus walkout of Base to tell Ben about Unicron's Coming as he going The Fallen attack Prime with he's chains, but Optimus whip out he's two Energon Axes, and he cut both chains in half The Fallen said, “Not bad for a Autobot Swine like you.” so Optimus transform into semi mode, and dive out to Ben's house he run off The Fallen to on he's way. The Fallen say, “Sweeps,Armada,Cyberbeast, & Cyclonus after Optimus Prime!” so they transform into their alt modes, and headout to get Prime, but Optimus outsmart them with The Aeirlbots by his side than that are confused of the Sweeps by used some air thick that that know. Silverbolt tricks Cyclonus by think that he is a bunny,Air Raid is chase by The Cyberbeastes,Fireflight used zingzag to confused byb the Armada. So did get to Ben's House, and he hide behide a tree to no one can't see so Prime whisp, “Ben. Ben. Ben.” So Ben opened his window, and saw Optimus to be waned he said, “Optimus what you doing here?” Optimus said, “Ben some big news for some times.” so Ben headout of the room to the open the door, and Optimus transform into his Alt Mode to get Gwen, and Kevin before The Fallen's Doomcons get them.They do get Gwen out of from her house,than they got kevun too so they go to the base. Silvebolt say to Prime, “Optimus get thing No Flameing Kettles can't get us.” Prime laugh, and they meet Vector Prime about The Coming of Unicron to Earth than Ben said to Vector, “What the Earth?” Vector say to Ben, “Well Unicron is A Planet Earth to begin with, and he aslo got minions called Doomcons.”
Than Optimus said, “What about The Matrix we know that Unicron is Fear of it how the Omnitrix is?” Perceptor came out and say, “Maybe I will help.” Optimus said, “Why is that Perceptor beside you don't how you tells us anything?' Perceptor said to everyone, “I'm know that the Matrix had a missed piece that is inside of the Onmitrix during The Sentinel Prime Era.” Vector Prime said, “Thanks for smarts, but we are on the way to Cybertron.” At Trypticon's HQ Megatron is siting on his thown, and he called to Shockwave for anything wrong with Cybertron than he said to Shockwave, “Is any are right,Shockwave?” Shockwave says, “Everything is aready, but may have a Planet Eater is coming to Earth, and that aslo The Fallen is here on the planet itshelf.” Megatron said, “Slagg it those Unicron's Spawns! Why the Autobots don't get the idea?” Shockwave said to the Decepticon Leader, “My Lord we've never speak to The Autobots because we are in war.” “True.” said Megatron after that so All Decepticons and DNAliens are ready for the battle than Blitzwing said to Megatron, “All right I sick, and Try will this things so I'm get someveny to help the Decepticons wins The Great Wars.” Megatron said, “Ok Bliztwing you must find a human that have a past history with the Watchboy.” Blitzwing said, “Aready I will find something with meet Kid with watch.” so he tansform into a Jet, and fly off than he spot a weird man so Blitzwing transform into a robot, and said, “Hello sir how you doing?” Weird man said, “How you doing? How you doing? I'm have a past history with Ben, and his once cute cuison Gwen.” Bliztwing said, “I'm like you, and what your name?” weird mand said to Bliztwing, “My name is Once Dr.Animo, but is now know as D'Void.” Bliztwing said, “Well I'm once know as Thunderblaster before war. I'm was wrestler we've have more metals than ever before like I'm The Cybertronian Champion of The World, but the war coming so I'm join as Decepticon Triple Charger I'm never see myshelf wrestle again.” So both Human, and Decepticon going back to the Base of Scorponok's HQ.At Omega Supreme's HQ Bumblebee said to Ultra Magnus, “Hey Magnus so are you be here before Primes' leave to Cybertron?” Magnus said, “Yes they are leaving to Cybertron because Optimus is more to me than a leader, he's borther.” So Optimus,Ben,Grimlock,Gwen,Swoop,Kevin, & Ratchet go to inside of Vector Prime than Ultra Magnus ran out, and said, “Goodbyb Orion.” Optimus said, “Goodbyb Dion, my brother.” so they leave out of Earth, and into Cybertron.Than The Fallen say, “So only good thing is more than Matrix of Leadership is than The Matrix of Friendship.” so He and Doomcons are used The city as kingdom to him, and he said, “ALL HAIL THE FALLEN, HUMANS .” So he whip out he's Chains, and he burn some woodling into a thown The Fallen said to Cizitian, “All bow to me, or you to be Rest In Peace like Go-Bots of Gobotron.” Megatron looking at The Fallen, and said, “Oh Dark One how the world you done of your Goblin-like terrors of The humans?” The Fallen said, “Well Megatron you aready want powerful Cybertronian, but you dreams are none like sand.” Soundwave said, “This is Madness!” Cyclonus said to Soundwave, “Madness? Madness? No this is Unicron!” so Cyclonus kick Soundwave out of the ground.”Very well Fallen you will your brother in the The Finale Battle of The War whenUnicron is closter to Earth.” said Megatron than they to they base of Overlord's HQ from some repairs. Sunstreaker said to Magnus, “Hey Magnus the threat of The Fallen have been Dangerous Highist of very very Evil.” Magnus said to Sunstreaker, “Not just stand we've are best weopons.” He turns out the lights of Omega Sumpere,Metroplex, & Fortness Maximus than the gound start to move all three cities transform into their robot modes Omega say, “I'M OMEGA SUPMERE!” Fort Max said, “I'M FORTNESS MAXIMUS!” Metroplex said, “AND I'M METROPLEX!” so they move to city which The Fallen is there. But Last The Fallen said, “Now final piece of the puzze is last ride of Optimus Prime, and Ben Tennyson Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”
So Vector Prime said to the Autobots, and Humans, “Rise and shine we've half out way to Cyberton!” So Ben said to Oprimus, “Prime how you lead a army of fighting transforming robots?” Optimus said to Ben, “I'm was build by Aphta Trion, he tole me about The Thirdteen Transformers, and I'm aslo have a girlfrind who is now kind as Elita One.” Gwen said, “Hey I don't there are Female Transformers.” Vector said, “Well look at Small Foot, and Pathfinder there are Female.” than they land on Cyberton, and Cybertronians greed Optimus like a wecome back polka.than Grimlock and Swoop cover Prime up than no one can't see him than at Iacon, Elita One see The 2 of The Dinobots, and said to them, “Grimlock, Swoop why hide Optimus away?” So they saw to remove, and Elita One see Optimus Prime for First Time in years, and she said, “Optimus is there you?” Optimus said to Elita, “Yes this is Me Elita, but I don't have my old colors, and more alt modes than ever before.” So Elita meets Ben,Gwen, & Kevin and said, “Oh hello I'm Elita One, the leader of the female Autobots.” Back At Earth Slag say to Magnus, “Me Slag hates seeing Armdongon happen to the human spieces.” Their Magnus say, “We've used anything that we have?” The Protectobots, and Aeirlbots comibing into Defersor, and Superion to be defeated by the Fallen. The Decepeticons are very mad of The Fallen who coming to terror the humans. Megatron said, “Unicron is closter to coming Earth.” So they moved Trypticon,Scorponok,Metrotitan, & Overlord into robot modes The Contrusticons, and Stunticons aslo comibing into Devastator and Meastor.Optimus after he tell Elita One everything about The Fallen,Doomcons, & Unicron's coming to Earth than she said, “Poor Humans.” “Poor Cookie Monster.” said Grimlock than Optimus said, “How we get to Vector Sigma with Shockwave don't know of us?” Ben said to Prime, “I know we've used Gwen as a diversion to get the Decepticons away of Vector Sigma of all cost.” Prime said, “Good Idea for Tomorrow for now we wait.” so The Autobots waing for plans than Victor Prime said to all, “If The Decepticon Warlord Shockwave think that Gwen as a Alien not a human chould be good.” than at the Decepticon Base Shockwave look at the screens see all the carnage of The Fallen's Doomcons make he said , “My lord how is it I'm stand it Cybertron for 4000 years of none without Megatron's calls to me I'm been seeing a lot of things charge to me like Human Wars,Dreaths, & All the things that I see can hear for my horns no one don't like a fool like me.” He looks sad at The Fallen's Face if his turn off the screens, and go back to he's room that he transforms into a laser gun to wait on anynews. and than in Earth The Fallen said, “ALL HAIL UNICRON! THE DARK LORD OF FLAMES!” Ultra Magnus said, “Stop it, stop it now you see the Earth is turning into deadpool of a planet you kills a lot of humans.” The Fallen say to Magnus, “You don't that I can't kill humans because of they histroy.” than Magnus said, “That why you come to Earth for some histroy facts?” The Fallen say, “No I'm coming here for The Matrix of Leadership and Omnitrix to be both destroy, and a end to planet itshelf.”at a cliff Megatron said, “What I don't done its my fault for the Great War, and killing both Sentinel and Zeta Primes.” Soundwave said to Megatron, “My I know what you sadness goning down like pigs in the sky.” So Megatron saw The Head Leader of The Sweeps, Scourge how get orders of The Fallen. So Megatron say, “Soundwave look Leader Sweep.” Soundwave said, “Yes Megatron I see him go, and killed him, Megatron.” Megatron aswer, “No I have other plans to rid The Fallen, and his Foomcons.” Back on Cybertron, Gwen and Kevin when behide a dark ally than Gwen said, “Oh Kevin why me to take the plug on a Decepticon base?” Kevin said to her,”Maybe we should done this along time.” Than they about to kiss Grimlock said, “Are you two making love?” Gwen said, “No why?” Grimlock said to them, “If you two are making love their a nice place called MechSparkplug's witch I met my first love Sonar.” Gwen said to Grimlock, “I don't what you say, but tomorrow I'm will used my alien form agaist this Shockwave guy.” Grimlock said, “Me Grimlock knows everything about Shockwave.” Than tomorrow come so Optimus said to Gwen, “Ok Gwen go to Shockwave's base, and get anything that help us to defeated The Fallen.” Gwen said, “I get Prime.” so she when inside the base, and she said, “There's going none.” than she turns into alien for long Shockwave was inside of base that than the alarm was on he said, “What the alarm on maybe some threvies come on unknown planet stole my goods.” he went outside so Gwen hide behide a wall Shockwave looks at the alarm, and said to it, “Blasting alarm systems why I got Swindle's Sparkcore Store in the first place.” than he walk away back to he's base so Gwen ran up to the door than the alarm went off again so Shockwave get up and said, “What is it with this alarm they don't know that their no one else beside me is the only one here.” So he look at it, and none is wrong so Shockwave going back than Gwen said, “I right here one eye creep.” Shockwave said, “One eye creep? No one never call me a one eye creep!” than turn back on Gwen, and shot here with he's laser hand than Gwen fall down as she turns back into a human than Ben shout, “GGGGGGGGGWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNN!” Optimus said, “Ratchet,Dinobots going to Shockwave's base to get Gwen.” Than they transform into their alt modes, and head out to get Gwen after he shot Gwen than Shockwave said, “That was a human girl?” than he Ratchet and the Dinobots going to get her than Shockwave run to the base than Grimlock teleport and transform into the base so Shockwave said, “Well good their I'm save.” “Not for long,Shocky!” said Grimlock about to attack him. Ratchet used some Avator-matter holograms for pick up Gwen up the ground, and Ratchet said, “Are you allright,Gwen?” than lighing out of her body than Ratchet said, “Oh no her Quintesson half is gone!” than Ratchet got to the Autobot Base and door he's doors come out Gwen than Ben said, “Ahh Gwen why you gone?” Ratchet said to Ben, “Don't touch her! She had electricity all over her body.” “Ratchet is she still alive?” said Optimus than Ratchet said to Prime, “I used my medic tool for any heart beats.” than he hear her heart beating and said, “Ya She still alive, but she need some rest in a medical bed now.” than Ratchet push the strecher into a medical bed so Gwen still unconscious, but the lighting again out of her body begin made her grow into a mechanical being than the next day she woke up, and Ben than she said, “how you got so small?” Ben said to Gwen, “I'm been the same size, but you don't” she looks at mirror and her as a Cybertronian than she said, “What happling to me?” then Ben said, “I'm never see you as a gaint robot,Gwen and where's alt mode?” than Gwen said to Ben, “Oh my alt mode un..let start transform?” than she transform hershelf into a Gaint Black Widow than Grimlock walk to the room, and said, “Why that blue spider doing here?” Ben said to Grimlock, “That not blue spider that Gwen.” Than Grimlock walk out the room, and get Optimus and said, “Me Grimlock see blue spiders.” than Optimus said, “It's spider's thing.” than Gwen in spider mode said, “Hey Prime it's me Gwen can you help me please?” Prime said to Gwen, “Well Gwen first you need to transform back to robot mode.” so she transform back to Robot mode than Optimus said, “You look like a true Cybertronian chould, but 'Gwen' don't fit in Cybertron you need name something random.” Gwen said, “I'm have little black, and I'm transform into spider so I'm called myshelf Blackarachina for no know it me Gwen.” Than the others Autobots rans to see what world, but they see Gwen now as Blackarachina they was shocked, and Vector Prime said, “Behold the former human now a Autobot become in fight of The Fallen one destory Earth now we've one of there one as a Cybertronian Being to live her life untit War is over than she will be back to her former human again after I seach for Quintesson half, and repair her back to life as human tit the come we've going back to Earth for Last Battle we've will face the Decepticons and Doomcons for stop Unicron forever.” Optimus said, “Maybe I'm and Ben should Megatron and his Alien friend to them plus Starscream will face his former troops with Kevin by his side.” So they starting to go back Earth with Female Autobots, and Juinkons to they final battle of they never face before.
They return to Earth, and The Fallen's Deceprtion on the ground so that he send Two Dinobots, and Blackarachnia to stop the Sweeps, and the Decepticons so they get out of Vector Prime's doors, and Grimlock was top of Swoop in take off so He used his sworld slash the Sweeps in half, and on down to the gound. Than they land on ground, and the others Autobots shows up that saw the Sweeps coming to out of the water like they never been shot before than the female Autobots come out in their Vechinle modes, and they transform into they Robot Modes so they shot the Sweeps down on the gound than The Fallen come and said, “Who will not destory my troops you bit...” “Not so fast Fallen One!”, said Vector Prime surprise The Fallen by greed attack, but The Fallen said to him, “Why you come down, and me like a bot should,listen Vector I don't know you attack me so let's fight!” So they begin to fight in the ground Vector used he's swords agaist The Fallen's Flaming Chains,but he attack The Fallen with He wind powers to on The Fallen,but he to fall to the ground so got up, and All the Autobots and Junkions fight the Decepticons and Doomcons in the fight the Seekers transform into jet modes, and fly off so Starscream get mad he sees Kevin run by, and Screamer said to him, “Kevin wait up.” so he stop, and said, “Starscream! Optimus Say that you and me go to the air a defeated Your former troops!” “That is a good idea,Kevin.” said Starscream as his transform into his jet mode, and said, “Hop on there is time used your powers on me.” So Kevin get on Starscream's cockpit, and used he powers on Screamer both in Steel workings now Starscream take off to the air to fight the Seekers. So Starscream blasting Thundercracker than he said, “Hey Aid Storm you please put some of your aid rain with Hail Storm and Lighting Storm?” So Aid Storm said, “Ok tHuNdErCrAcKeR I dO tHe WrOnGeSt SiDe Of AiD rAiN eVEr MaDe! HA HA HA HA HA!” So he and the others two rainmakers come up the to sky transform into their robot modes than their eyes change from Red to White untit a load of aid rain,lighting, & hail stroms down on Starscream, but with no danages on him whatsoever than Hail Storm said, “Aid Storm he not hurt we've try!” “Don't worries Hail Storm he just not had his touch, yet.” said Aid Storm so Starscream say to them, “Hey Rainmakers come,and get your skidplates kicked.” He blast them with his null ray, and he's aslo doing the something with The Coneheads,Sunstorm,Thundercracker, & Skywarp. Blackarachnia hides behide a wall to hear The Insecticons to says than she used her magic on Kickback, Bombshell, & Shrapnel said, “Theres.... going... ares....next....ablam,ablam!” Than Optimus come with Ben to see Unicron very coming to Earth. Prime also see Megatron flying off than he said, “Ben look it's Megatron.” “And Vilgex!” said Ben saw he rival join with Megatron “So that he's name?” asked Optimus than Ben said to Prime, “He try to steal The Omnitrix back I was 10.” “What year that you was born?” asked Prime that he wonder Ben said again, “1992.” “That just Cyrus.” said Optimus that he going to after Megatron and Vilgex inside Unicron's mouth. “We've must going inside the Chaos Breaker's mouth, Vilgex.” said Megatron as he sees, and said, “PRIME! Hurry before he transform!” So Optimus transforms into jet mode , and fly too Unicron's mouth inside they fly chasing them into the inside of Choas Breaker. Than Unicron transform into a robot, and said, “HA HA HA! Armageddon had arrival to day of the planet Earth! More wars,more Fears, & more Deaths HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” Inside Unicron Optimus and Ben see none of Megatron and Vilgex than all of things gone wrong they attack them, but Optimus use he's axes on Megatron's maces start to fighting Prime strike Megatron to the crest.Megatron powed Optimus with his' mace they fighting inside Unicron than Megatron said to Prime, “Peace thought tyranny,Prime now It's time to the end of Optimus Prime!” “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings,Megajerk!” said Optimus as push Megatron on the ground he going away with Ben never been again. “PRIME!” said Megatron of his madness.
“Where are you, Prime?” said Megatron looking for the Autobot Leader than they hid from Megatron and Vilgex than Optimus used he's Axes to climb up Unicron than he used the right axe to cut open him. He open the Matrix, and Ben used The Onmitrix both being glow to rip out Unicron's Abs than Prime said, “ Tit All Are..” “Ten!” said Ben than Optimus said,“That will do!” so Unicron slowing becoming dead,but all The Doomcons and The Fallen with him than Optimus and Ben swing find out worldy coming out some Green water than Prime said, “Have a nice swim in Angolmois,Megatron and Vilgex!” the Angolmois coming down on them to be never see again. So Optimus and Ben come out of Unicron if so everybyb cheer for them to defeated The Chaos Breaker, and save The Earth. The Decpeticons are sad that Megatron is gone so Starscream let them to be Autobots then Fortness Maximus and Metroplex put off The A.R.K. out the volcano to combie with Omega Supreme,Scropinok,Trypticon,Overlord, & Metrotitan than Vector got a piece of Quintesson's tentacle put on on Blackarachnia to charge her back to Gwen than all the Autobots and Ex-Decpticons are up Ben say goodbyb to Optimus from this everything so they left Earth,and going back to Cybertron. At Unicron's dead body a fusion of Megatron and Vilgex come out of Unicron's body and he said, “You have defeated me, but you can't destory the powers of GALVATRON!” so he transforms into jet, and going to Earth.

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